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Top-Pick Pinterest Boards for Nurses

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard for recipes, decorating, fashion, party planning and more — what’s not to love? Signing up for a Pinterest account is free. You can follow other pinners and boards, search general categories, or type in a keyword, like “knitting patterns” to see what you might find.

Scrubbed In scoured the world of Pinterest to find some top-notch nurse board recommendations to get you started.

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5 Awesome Reads for the New Grad Nurse

The new graduate nurse cannot get enough friends, counselors or teachers. These five reads make a great addition to a beginner nurse's library. They'll inspire, reassure and prepare the new nurse for the exciting and nerve-wracking year ahead, with all its twists and turns.

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Nurses in the News

A look at what the news media is doing right when it comes to turning to nurses for expert opinion and highlighting the exceptional work nurses do. Keep it up, news media!

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Tai Chi for Stress Relief

Growing your ability to manage stress is integral to optimal emotional health. But what works for one person might not work for another. It takes a little trial and error to find a de-stress tool that you enjoy and look forward to, that’s easily accessible and physically attainable. Tai chi might be the answer.

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Cultivating Compassion: Why and How?

Nurses, as a species, are a compassionate group. We’re nurses, in part, because we care immensely about helping people and alleviating distress. But cultivating compassion can prove difficult in many situations. How do you grow compassion for those difficult times? And why would you?

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4 Tips For Conducting a Literature Review

A literature review is a critical analysis and summation of scholarly work on a given topic. It can be used to validate a thesis or to raise a question for future research. A literature review might stand alone, or it may be incorporated as a foundational direction for new research.

Literature reviews aren’t just for master's projects or scholarly publication, though. They can be used to support practice changes and develop protocols.

Is there an issue in the workplace that you think needs addressing? Conducting a literature review is the first step to making an evidence-based practice change.

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Doctors are People, Too: My Stories

It’s not exactly breaking news that doctors and nurses have historically struggled to find professional camaraderie. Much has been written about the nurse-doctor relationship, about the patriarchy of the medical establishment, and about the well-documented workplace abuse that can occur.

But there is another side. And on that side are all of the doctors all over the country who care tremendously about their patients and who value and respect the nurses they work with. Doctors that are regular people. I’ve seen it. And I know you have, too.

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Coming Back to Center: Using a Mantra to De-Stress

Try practicing mantra meditation daily. If you find your stress level rising too quickly at work, practice reverting to the mantra for a few moments in the bathroom or while documenting. See if it can help diffuse your stress and bring you back to center so that you can take on the rest of your day with a greater sense of calm.

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The Elephant in the Room: Substance Abuse
Disorder in Nursing

You work with a phenomenal nurse who does all the right things. She’s smart, quick and makes special connections with her patients. But she suffers a back injury at work, requiring opioid pain meds. Over time, you start to observe suspicious behavior. You suspect substance abuse, but that just doesn’t seem possible. She’s always had it together. She’s too smart and professional for something like that to occur.

What do you do?

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How to Create a Winning Scientific Poster

OK, smarty pants. You’ve written some genius research that you’re pretty darn proud of.So why do you feel at a loss when it comes to designing your scientific poster?

A scientific poster is an opportunity to showcase your research in an easy to communicate, visual format. But according to this, a viewer decides in about three seconds whether to investigate a poster or move on. Here’s how to make those three seconds really count.

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