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Splurges and Steals

When it comes to purchasing healthcare attire and supplies, where should you splurge and where should you save?

The Splurges

Besides our hands and our brains, there are two other essential body parts in healthcare that should be valued above the rest. Our ears and our feet. Huh?

Think about how much information you can glean from listening to a patient’s heart, lungs and bowels. Ever get to work only to realize you don’t have your stethoscope? It’s like realizing you left the house without your cell phone. Or like giving a speech in front of a large group only to discover that you’re naked (OK, that last one was probably a dream).

You get the point. A stethoscope is worth investing in.

Like this Littman Classic II-S.E. or the Littman Cardiology III.

Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope – 27″

But your ears aren’t going to do you any good if you can’t get your feet where you need to go. That’s why it’s essential to buy high quality footwear. Good shoes will reduce fatigue and pain.

These Dickies Victory Black Patent Clogs provide support and fashion — not a bad deal!

For more of a basic sneaker fit, the Dickies Breaktime Shoe are the way to go — and they’re available in wide width.

Those are worthwhile splurges.

But for some of your other work apparel needs, by all means wait for those great deals and snag them!

The Steals: For Men

Under $25

Dickies Everday Scrubs Elastic Waist Cargo Pant $22.95

IguanaMed MedFlex 2 V-Neck Top $23.99

IguanaMed MedFlex 2 V-Neck Top

Under $15

Scrubzone V-Neck Scrub Top   $9.82

White Swan Fundamentals Drawstring Pants $11.95

The Steals: For Women

Under $25

Urbane Double Pocket Crossover Top $21.49

Urbane Work-It Pant $23.49

Jockey 2 Pocket Top $22.99

Jockey 2 Pocket Top

Under $15

Cherokee Workwear Drawstring Pant $13.99

Scrubzone V-Neck Tunic $12.27

The Steals: For Men and Women Alike

Don’t forget that the Store is now offering FREE SHIPPING on all scrub orders with no purchase minimum. Now that’s a steal you can’t ignore.

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