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Traveling Scrub Pants: Part 1

Kicking off our first installment of Scrubbed In’s Brother/Sisterhood of the Traveling Scrub Pants is Paul Spinella, an experienced RN at Cohen Children’s Hospital on Long Island, N.Y. sent him a complementary pair of scrubs so he could try them out and let readers know what he thought of them. Read on for Paul’s in-depth review. Listen up, male nurses! You’ll find some practical feedback that will help you choose your next pair of scrubs.

My own little tidbit about Paul …

He actually cared for my cousin (with a complex heart defect) many years ago in the Pediatric ICU where he worked at the time. The time I spent in that ICU, seeing the phenomenal nursing care my cousin received, was the catalyst for me to choose nursing as a career.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your nursing background.

I’ve been an RN for 15 years. I worked in an adult setting for one year before starting in a children’s hospital. I primarily worked in peds ICU as a staff RN and then, assistant nurse manager. I am currently the nurse manager in peds ED.  I worked for a few years as a critical care transport RN as well, during my ICU career. I am from Long Island, N.Y., and was born and raised here. I am married with three children and am planning on starting a masters program next fall. While challenging, on many levels, I love nursing and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The opportunities for personal and professional growth are endless.

Paul Spinella is a nurse manager in the peds ED at Cohen Children’s Hospital on Long Island, N.Y.

1. What brand of scrubs did you receive? Color?

Landau.  Steel Grey.

2. What was your first impression?

They appeared well-made.

3. How was the fit? Were they true to size? Good fit for a guy?

I usually wear medium. The pants were a little big but fit better after wash and dry. After looking at the website, the sizing guide would have directed me to order a small. The shirt was extremely large to the point that I could not wear it even after wash and dry. It was a four-pocket style, which appears like a smock, and not my style at all. I did not get to use it.

4. Was the length OK?

The pants were a little long but workable after washing.

“The pants had many pockets … cargo-style pockets on both sides, a back pocket and two front pockets cut like traditional pants pockets. Loved those.”

5. Was the fabric stiff or soft?

The fabric was soft and nicely weighted. It was even softer after washing.

6. How many pockets? 

The shirt had four pockets, too many for my liking. The pants had many pockets. Seven in total: cargo-style pockets on both sides, a back pocket and two front pockets cut like traditional pants pockets. Loved those.

7. Anything particular you like in a pair of scrubs that this pair had or didn’t have?

I prefer a soft durable fabric, which these definitely had. While I never tried carg- style pants, I found the additional storage pockets to be useful on the pants. The added traditional pants pockets in the front and rear pocket with zipper closure were great bonuses. The elastic waistline was initially a concern but was not a large issue since I don’t tuck my scrub shirts in. The waistline also had a drawstring, which was more familiar. The biggest good surprise for the pants was the zipper fly. It seems like a simple thing but was surprisingly convenient and appreciated for the male RN on the run. Again, the smock-like top is not to my taste and the size was way off.  I checked the label sure that they sent an XL by mistake but it was marked medium. I will likely consider purchasing these scrubs in the future but order a unisex top to go with the cargo-style pants for men.